About me...

My name is Nisani Hadad, I am third generation of a family of silver handcaft. As an adolescent, I worked in the family workshop and learned the manufacturing process of silver craftsmanship.

Over the years, I learned to love the profession, becoming an expert in material, texture and design. The experience and techniques  I have brought to the silversmith profession have been developed through unique designing procedures.

All the jewelry I create is hand made from raw material, throughout all the stages without any molds or models for customary series.

When designing a piece of jewelry, each one is a special piece of art, revealing the in-depth thought to its shape and quality which is not always visible to the eye.

Only the finest raw material is used in order to adhere to the highest standard of jewelry craftsmanship which is my personal standard of professionalism.

Each piece of jewelry is created by combining thought and planning which gives each piece its own unique characteristic.

The combination between raw material, shape and gem gives the jewelry contact which reveals the inspiration, affection and creativity present in every single piece.

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